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Skincare routine:

Shower: Grown Alchemist Polishing Facial Exfoliant, boscia detoxifying black cleanser on clarisonic (sometimes FirstAid Beauty pure skin face cleanser), Belif true cream moisturizing bomb after

PM: it Miracle Water 3-in-1 tonic, Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5, Ordinary Caffeine undereye serum, Belif true cream moisturizing bomb, and Sephora brightening eye cream, Ordinary Alpha Lipoic Acid 5% (every few days)

AM: -roll out of bed and throw clothes on-

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my 4-slice toaster was broken - only one side worked, but I was able to fix it~ (the rail that the lever slides down on had popped out of its mounting hole, so the 2 thingies at the bottom of the mechanism weren't aligning right.)

Huh, I watched the first episode of Princess Tutu 13 years ago today.

Me telling you a dramatic story about how I lost the nail clippers.

Anyone interested in v3 onion vanity URLs? (since I have my server grinding them and adding more filters doesn't affect performance). Unfortunately I can't do it in a trustless way, but, I don't mind adding filter terms people would want.

Lewdle 03 2/6

(that was nothing compared to yesterday's)

Making a sad playlist but there's an album that encapsulates your whole mood.

Diode tested okay, door switches are fine, magnetron wasn't shorted to its casing and flows current fine, low voltage and high voltage fuses have continuity... diode seemed to work fine when tested with a 9v battery.. The capacitor sounds sloshy (it's sealed so this might be normal xD) and read 0V (which was risky to do with my DMM since it's only rated to 600V I guess..), so my bet is on the capacitor ($8~10 part).

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Especially when I couldn't find my high wattage resistor to discharge the capacitor ><

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microwave is one of the scarier things I've taken apart. camera flashes are only 300-400V but 2kV is a different story.

"Non-removable fasteners are provided due to high voltages inside"
-removes non-removable fasteners-

My brain won't shut off, it feels like it's constantly thinking about something, I can't sleep. Is this what worrying is like? If so, I feel really bad for everyone that has to deal with that.

Went to destroy the flash memory on this hard drive, but didn't check the part number (just assumed from the SOIC-8 package) and when my diagonal cutters missed the pin, it cleanly decapped what was actually a mosfet (p/n FDFS2P753Z).

"Okay, trying to hook up this drive has proven too dangerous, time to stop and destroy it through physical means"

-sata cable touches giant metal rail and shorts PSU out-

Welp I guess that means I have a chance to do that maintenance I've been meaning to.

Sitting at home awkwardly in pajama bottoms and a blazer because they moved the group picture >_>

Airplane dream where I was in a 4-seater Cessna, sitting in the passenger seat. I realized no one was flying as city buildings passed by. My mom and brother were sitting in the back, so I took the controls. There was a large hill that I needed to clear but I had no idea how to fly the dang thing, trying to pull up but not knowing how to increase throttle. So we bailed from the airplane before we crashed and skydived into Niagara Falls, which has a huge deep pool of water at the bottom. We casually discussed if we'd make it or not before hitting bottom. Then we made it back to the runway, and I had to take off, but the runway was only like 12 meters long which was basically impossible. Regardless, I still taxied into position to try.

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